About us

Hello everyone and welcome to our website! Here you will discover the commissions we have completed, our personal constructions, as well as the complete presentation of our members. Some of you are probably wondering, who we are? Well hang on, we’re going to sail to discover the GBKD!


The Boat

Visitor! Are you ready for the big start? Mobiduck is at the helm, supported by Xeylon. The team is finely prepared for the journey. Would you like to know more about the ship’s crew? Don’t worry, an article will come out shortly to introduce you to our members. GBKD Members, your hour of glory will ring out!



For us, travelling to new countries is like a commission. Because yes, we are true adventurers capable of anything, so do you have a special request? No problem for us, after all, every commission is special. So you want us to create a map, a hub, or whatever? No worries, we’ll meet you at the end of the article in the “Ropes” section.

Our personal explorations

When the ship stays in port, our sailors take great pleasure in helping each other out with small odds and ends. We love to build among ourselves, for small personal projects (or even very big projects…). We never stand still, believe me! If you wish to discover all our works that are not commissions, there is a special tab on the site for this purpose.

The ropes

Would you like to contact us for a commission, a partnership request or to try to join the crew? In this case, only one link will be useful… Take the time to write the right way, take care of your writing, give as much information as possible and get started, it’s Twitter.